A quick history of horse racing


For as long as humans have had domesticated horses there have been horse races. Nowadays we may think of the Grand National or the Kentucky Derby, as much social and political events, and a stable in an socialites calendar, but that image of the posh wearing the latest designer clothes and drinking expensive cocktails hasn’t always been the most relevant. In his A Brief History of the Olympic Games author David C. Young writes about the fact that in the first Olympic games in 776 BCE there were both chariot races and mounted races, making horse races nearly three thousand years old.

Before that however there were documents of horse races in ancient Egypt, Persia and Syria. It is even believed that as long ago as 3000 BCE in Kazakhstan, where we find the earlier traces of domestication of the horse, that there were already events designed to showcase the rider prowess in the saddle (and most likely back then, bareback). By the time the Romans came along, horseback riding as a spectator sport had became a major event and then, like today, betting on the outcome of races was a major industry. Fortunately for both us and the horse, racing today is a lot less brutal than it was during the times of the Romans. Chariot races were the most common events and there were often small boys who would throw water on the wooden wheels of the chariots as they passed to cool them off to prevent them catching fire. A great many of these boys died in the events, as did many chariot drivers.

In the same region, Italy, some thousand years later horse racing was still a very popular sport, but it had evolved to mounted riding as opposed to chariot contests. Although these races were often associated with religious festivals the majority of the competitions served the purpose of getting young men and boy prepared for war in which equestrian skills were a paramount part of being a good soldier right up until the tank replaced cavalry in the First World War.

In fact, even dressage, showjumping, and Vienna’s Spanish Riding School were all initially invented so that soldiers in waiting could practise their skills in the hopes of becoming better riders and subsequently better calvary soldiers.

While that image of oversized hats and fruity drinks and ample jewellery and enough cigar smoke to choke a horse (sorry!) may not be entirely an inapt picture to conjure up when some mentions horse racing it’s important to keep in mind that horse racing is as ancient as leisure time and participating in a race, either as jockey, spectator, or horse, one is partaking in a long and ancient tradition.


Choosing a team or athlete to bet on


Why are you betting? It’s an important question to ask yourself. If you’re betting to add a bit of excitement to the sports you’re already watching then there’s not much to-do about whom you’re going to support. If you’re in it to turn a quick profit then you’re going to need to choose the teams and athletes that have the best chance of winning (and that might not always be the team you want to win).
  Firstly and most obviously, remember to check the statistics of the teams and players. Assuming that you already have a good knowledge of whatever sport you’re going to betting on, you will also need to know the nitty-gritty of the teams and players. Pay attention to the trainers, any changes in players or venues. These are factors that can often be overlooked but fatally so for the gambler. For example, athletes from drier climates might have difficulty performing at their peak levels in more humid climates. The same is true of athletes or teams from sea level playing in mountainous areas or athletes from colder climates playing in hotter ones and vice versa.
Beyond that, you will also need to know (or at the very least want to know) about the morale of the teams you’re betting on or against. The psychological state of an individual or a team can have a huge impact on their overall performance and can be just as important as statistics to consider if you’re going to be betting for money.
  And as sad as it may sound to anyone who has been a lifelong supporter of a team, you can’t always bet on the team that you actually want to win. It’s the prerogative of the casual gambler to bet on who they want to win, but betting with your heart when you’re trying to make money is by all means a bad idea. You need to keep in mind what you think will actually return results.
  So, if you’re trying to turn betting into more than a casual hobby then you will certainly need to adjust your betting behaviour. And most importantly is to ask yourself why you are betting. It can make all the difference to know if you’re just trying to have a little bit of fun or if you’re really endeavouring to turn a profit. Remember to ask yourself some of these questions before you start putting your hard-earned money on the outcome of the big game coming up.


Houston Cougars vs Tulsa Golden Hurricane


This has the makings of a high-scoring affair as the Houston Cougars (3-0) meet the Tulsa Golden Hurricane (2-1). The CUSA’s top passer, Dane Evans (1,172 yards, 8 TDs), will be key to the outcome of this matchup. It will begin Saturday, Oct 3 at 12:00 p.m. ET and can be seen on CBSS.

Tulsa fell to Oklahoma 52-38 in their last game. Keyarris Garrett had an outstanding performance in the loss, registering 14 receptions for 189 yards and one TD. Dane Evans also had a big day, contributing 427 yards and four TDs through the air. Houston is hoping for another victory like last week’s performance, when it cruised past Texas State 59-14. Demarcus Ayers had a big game for the Cougars, totaling eight receptions for 126 yards and two TDs. He added 53 yards and two TDs on one attempt. Greg Ward Jr. had a big game as well, totaling 274 yards and four TDs through the air.

The Golden Hurricane, a nine-point underdog, will be looking to defend their home field when Houston comes to town.

The Golden Hurricane enter the game with a record of 2-1 Straight Up (SU) and Against The Spread (ATS) this season. The Tulsa offense features a strong pass attack, currently ranking sixth in the nation with 390.7 passing yards per game. Tulsa usually finishes games strong, averaging 12 points in the fourth quarter.

Across the field, the Cougars have a record of 2-1 ATS and 3-0 SU. If earlier games are any indication, the Cougars will run the ball aggressively. They average 288 rushing yards per game, good enough for 10th in Division I. Switching gears to the Houston defense, there are certain areas where it measures up well against the Golden Hurricane. The Cougars are one of the best in the nation at preventing their opponents’ rushing attack, allowing their opposition just 2.2 yards per rush. The Golden Hurricane will need to secure the ball against the turnover-minded Cougars. The defense ranks fourth in the country in turnovers with three per game. There is no feeling-out process to start a game for the Cougars, who average 11.7 points in the first quarter. With an average of 128.3 return yards per game (18th-most in the country), Houston has had a great deal of success with its special teams.

Predictions: SU Winner – Houston, ATS Winner – Houston

Houston is 4-1-1 ATS in its last 6 games.Notes
The total has gone OVER in 4 of Houston’s last 5 games.

Houston is 6-1 SU in its last 7 games.

Houston is 4-1 SU in its last 5 games on the road.

Houston is 11-1-1 ATS in its last 13 games on the road.

The total has gone UNDER in 6 of Houston’s last 9 games when playing Tulsa.

Houston is 4-2 SU in its last 6 games when playing Tulsa.

Houston is 1-4 ATS in its last 5 games when playing Tulsa.

Houston is 2-0 SU when leading at the start of the 4th quarter this season. Tulsa is 1-0 SU when leading after three quarters.

When comparing just conference ratings, Tulsa seems to hold the overall advantage in the passing game. Its offensive passing attack (ranked second in the CUSA) will face the fourth-ranked pass defense of Houston, while its second-ranked pass defense will look to limit the fourth-ranked passing game of the Cougars.

Houston also has an advantage in the run game when analyzing just conference rankings. Its first-ranked rushing attack will face the seventh-ranked run defense of Tulsa, while its first-ranked run defense will look to contain the seventh-ranked rushing game of the Golden Hurricane.


NL Central Race and NL Central Odds


The St. Louis Cardinals are heavily favored to win the NL Central heading into the final third of the season with the Pittsburgh Pirates the second choice. The Chicago Cubs are a longshot to win the division while the Cincinnati Reds and Milwaukee Brewers are out of contention. The Cardinals have the best record in the National League while the Pirates have the second-best record. Unfortunately for the Pirates, that means they will have to play in he Wild Card game unless they can catch the Cardinals. Here is a look at the NL Central race and NL Central odds.

2015 MLB Odds by BangTheBook to Win NL Central

St. Louis Cardinals -1000

Pittsburgh Pirates 3-1

Chicago Cubs 20-1

Cincinnati Reds 1000-1

Milwaukee Brewers 1000-1

Cardinals Dominating at Home

The big reason the Cardinals are winning the NL Central is their home record. The Cardinals were 40-16 in their first 56 games at Busch Stadium for the best home mark in the league. If the Pirates are to win the NL Central they will have to find a way to go into St. Louis and win and that seems unlikely considering St. Louis has won 36 of their last 52 at home against the Pirates. The Cardinals are the top team in the league in terms of pitching as they allow just 2.6 runs per game. St. Louis is scoring just under 4 runs per game which is 19th best in the league.

Pirates Still 2nd Best

The Pirates have the second best record in the National League but they have the misfortune of playing in the NL Central where the St. Louis Cardinals reside. And it is hard to see Pittsburgh catching the Cardinals down the stretch. The teams play nine times in the last couple of months but six of those nine games are in St. Louis where the Pirates rarely win. The Pirates are scoring 4.2 runs per game which is 11th in the league while they are allowing 3.2 runs per contest which is 3rd best in the league.

Cubs Surging into Contention

The Chicago Cubs are a serious contender to make the playoffs in 2015 but they are probably too far behind to win the division as they would have to pass both Pittsburgh and St. Louis to win the NL Central. The Cubs are scoring about 4 runs per game which is 19th in the league while they are allowing 3.4 runs per game which is 4th in the league. It could be that the Cubs and Pirates end up playing in the National League Wild Card game if both teams continue to play well.

No Chance for Reds or Brewers

The Reds and Brewers are each more than 20 games out in the NL Central so they have no chance to win the division in 2015. Both teams were sellers at the trading deadline as the Reds traded away their top two pitchers in Johnny Cueto and Mike Leake while the Brewers traded away one of their top players in Carlos Gomez.


How to bet on sports



Lately, sports betting has become a very interesting topic due to the fact that more and more people seem to be doing it. Betting on sports has almost become a job for some people, and they act as if the know how to beat the system and come out victorious every time when betting. The sad truth is that there is no way of beating the system, and there s no thing a sure win; but there are some thing that each better could do, that could increase his chances of winning. And thanks to us, you will now get a chance to see what those thongs are, and possibly even use them.

First of all, you need to know how to do your math when it comes to sports betting. You need to think line a line-maker at a sportsbook, and calculate everything before placing a bet. Picking your favorite may work a couple of times, but as you’ll see, the luck will run you out eventually. So, you need to know how the betting system works, you need to understand the odds, you need to understand the game, etc. If you do not possess any of these qualities, than sports betting just isn’t for you. Or, you could just blindly follow other people’s tips.

Also, to be great at sports betting, you need to know every single thing about the sport you’re betting on, and about every single player that is participating in a game you’re betting on. Remember, gossip may be a woman’s thing, but if you know that a player was arguing with his wife all night long, you’ll know that he probably didn’t get much sleep, which will probably affect his game of the field. Even such a small thing means a lot in a world of sports betting.


One other thing is also important, and it is perhaps the most important thing there is in sports betting, or any kind of betting for that matter: always bet within your bankroll. That means that you should never bet in anything you can’t deliver. If that happens, you’ll need to borrow money to return the old debts, which will in turn only lead you into new debts. And thus you enter into a magical circle of events that never seem to work out for the best. So, only bet in something you can deliver, no matter how sure you are in your success, because betting is all about luck, and as we have said earlier, sooner or later, your luck runs out.


Even though many believe that they have found a way to beat the system, the sad truth is that the system cannot be beat; all you can do is try to be better at the game and try to win as many bets as you can, because you just can’t win them all. If you take the things we’ve mentioned in this article into account, you might win several times, but keep in mind that bets were made to make profits for the house, and not the players.